Sunday Evenings 5:30 PM!

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The Emmaus Fellowship Recovery Group

The Emmaus Fellowship is a Christian support group for folks in recovery from any form of  addiction. 

The Emmaus group is a supportive, and safe place where people can pursue a 12 step recovery program in a Christian framework. We believe that in some sense  all of us are in recovery from some form of sin and that Christ can set us free. However we as the Church of the Nazarene have a special calling to those suffering from substance addiction and know that Christ can and wants to set us free. We believe that strongest recovery is one where our recovery becomes discipleship of Jesus. 

We support and encourage traditional AA / NA meetings as a necessary part of the recovery journey and this group only seeks to compliment those groups by allowing people to name their higher power as Christ, and have a personal relationship with a loving God. In fact we host 3  traditional NA meetings at our church every week where folks can find the support they need. Details are below for those meetings. 

If you or a loved one are on any stage of the recovery journey and want to put a name to your higher power we believe Emmaus fellowship is the place for you. You don't need to have it all together, you don't need to be Christian, you can come as you are and be accepted here. 

Traditional NA Meeting Times

Monday Evening - Closed NA Group

Tuesday Evening - 6:30 PM

Thursday Evening - 6:30 PM