May Newsletter

Dear Church Family,

What a blessed Easter Season we have had together. As we look ahead, I am excited about Pentecost, and the following time we will spend in the book of Acts. Pentecost was the formation of the church, and I think it is the perfect time for us to consider what it means to be a faithful church. After Pentecost I will do a 7 week sermon series entitled “The Makings of a Church.”  We Nazarenes are a church that believes firmly in the work of the Holy Spirit empowering us to live Christ-like lives. So I am excited as we look into Acts to see what it means for us to be a church that reflects Christ in the world today.

May is also an action packed month. We are kicking off our new Food Pantry Ministry (a partnership with Provision Asheville) on May 7th, we will be celebrating Mother’s Day with a special breakfast on the 8th, we have the Pre-School Car Show on the 21st, and finally we have Rev. Dana Preusch preaching on the 29th. Dana taught me preaching at Trevecca, and has been a pastoral mentor of mine ever since. She currently is the director of the Center for Pastoral Leadership at our very own Nazarene Theological Seminary, and is one of the most gifted leaders in our church.

Among all of the activities this month I hope you will find a place in our community to engage and connect with your fellow believers. I am thankful for our church community that celebrates Christ in so many ways. May everything we do as a church this month bring glory to God.

Your Pastor,

Andrew Crimmins