December 2016

Dear Church Family,

It is good to be back in the same time zone as you! November was quite the adventure for Rebecca and I, but also for the church as well.  Every Sunday in November we had a different preacher, but from the reports I received, God spoke through every one. Thank you for supporting us in our work in Nepal, and being flexible as we were away. Our trip was both fun and rewarding. We hiked in the Himalaya mountains and spent time at an orphanage where Rebecca has helped for many years. We have come back to Asheville with a renewed sense of gratitude and passion for the work we have to do here.

The parking lot was re-sealed in November and I must say it looks nearly brand new! We believe that the resealing is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a good stewardship of our resources to preserve the paving already there. Also, thank you for your prayers for the pre-school accreditation process. As of this letter, the state raters have already come and audited our ministry and now we await the results which should arrive in the next few weeks. Please continue to pray for the results, even as we breath a sigh of relief for the school staff.

As we look ahead to December we should be excited about the Advent and Christmas season. Of course, many of us are excited because this season brings back fond memories, or we look forward to the focus on family time. However, we should also be spiritually excited as we await the coming of our Lord. Advent is the season of great expectation as we look for our Messiah, the Prince of Peace to enter our chaotic world. Don’t be distracted by the shopping, family, stress, or business of the season and miss the presence of Jesus in our midst.

Also be aware that this season is difficult for many who have lost loved ones, jobs, or simply don’t have fond memories of the Christmas season. The most appropriate way we can prepare for the coming of our Lord is to offer comfort and peace to those who are hurting and scared around us. We will never find Christ in the consumerist craze that accompanies this season, but you will find Christ in loving the wounded, giving to others, and trusting in the peace of God.  

I am grateful to share my first Advent season with you as pastor. It is a blessing to be apart of a community who is looking for Christ’s presence to enter our world anew each day.

Your Pastor,

Andrew Crimmins