November 2016

Dear Church Family,

Well November has arrived and with it cold weather and plenty of leaves. What a wonderful season of continued Thanksgiving and fellowship.

November will be a different sort of month for our church, as I will be gone the first two Sundays! However, I am excited for you to hear the visiting preachers we have in store. The first Sunday of November you will get to hear our District Superintendent Dr. Greg Mason. Dr. Mason provides great leadership for our entire district and region and I am glad he is willing to come fill in. The second Sunday of the month you will get to hear Dr. Steve Hoskins. Dr. Hoskins is the professor of Church History and Biblical Greek at our very own Trevecca Nazarene University. He has been a great mentor of mine during college and especially afterwards. I am tickled pink that he was able to fill in, though I am saddened I won’t be able to be here. I know God will use these pastors to continue his work in and through our church.

Rebecca and I are sad to miss the next few weeks, but we are excited for our trip. Rebecca first visited an orphanage in Nepal in 2008, and she has worked with the same orphanage ever since. She has been back two additional times and has served as their volunteer coordinator for a few years. This trip to Nepal will most likely be the last time Rebecca will be able to see the children she first met many years ago as they are already getting into their teenage years. Rebecca’s heart for these orphans was one of the things that attracted me most to her as it was a sign of the Holy Spirit leading her to love and serve the least of these. During this trip we plan to do some projects on the physical buildings and organize the education for some of the girls who are graduating high school. Thank you for encouraging us in our mission and please pray for us while we are gone.

At the end of October we had a wonderful “Trunk or Treat” event where we got to be a strong community presence and show love to our neighbors. Our other ministries are going well and impacting our neighborhood. During this next month, will you take time to especially pray for the pre-school? November is a critical month for this ministry as we will be going through the government rating system for childcare. We are currently a 4 star program and we hope and pray that we will be afforded the same rating. Certain standards, mainly based on the building and playground, get tightened and changed overtime and Peggy Neighbors has been doing a wonderful job preparing us for this rating time. Pray for her, the teachers, and that the entire process would go smoothly. We trust God’s continued blessing upon this ministry.

Thank you for your commitment to God’s kingdom and this church. Let us remember those who are carrying physical, spiritual, and emotional burdens during this time. Loving one another is our witness to Christ’s saving love. May God bless you.

Your Pastor,

Andrew Crimmins